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Microsoft Technologies

Turn Bright Ideas into Brillant Apps
How to unleash PowerApps’ connectivity within the Microsoft Power Platform.

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Technology and Innovation

Showcasing Canadian Innovation
Learn the technologies, sales pitches and lessons learned of leading startups

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Microsoft Solutions

Bringing Data Together
Enabling Your Smart Data Platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Achieve Successful Cloud Adoption

Strengthen your business understanding of the different cloud solutions available, along with the associated benefits and issues, considerations, concerns, and opportunities of each. Examine a brief introduction on what cloud solutions are all about, different types of cloud offerings, such as IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, as well as the major players, before tackling common cloud topics.

  • Cloud Ecosystems
  • Cloud Privacy
  • Securing Your Cloud Infrastructure
  • Implementing Cloud Solutions
  • Managing Cloud Solutions
  • Driving Business Transformation

Navigating the technology path

Technology is quickly transforming our daily work routines with useful apps and services that are easy to work with, and that deliver helpful assistance improving our lives. New hybrid integration scenarios are surfacing constantly, requiring IT professionals to explore methods to rule and govern the information held in each application, and how they can be synchronized, integrated and archived. As these transformations are expected to impact business users and industry professionals, we focus on how these technology trends are affecting business systems. Better plan for the future of your organization.

  • How To Find Balance In Your Technology Stack
  • AI Is The New Normal - What You Need To Know
  • The Seven Principles of Artificial Intelligence and What’s Next
  • An introduction to container technologies
  • Disruptive technologies in 2018
  • Motivate Your Methodology – Never Lose Sight of Your Methodology Pain Points
  • Data Visualization Best Practices with Power BI Insights
  • Power BI Insights at your Fingertips
  • Securing Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Red Hat OpenShift: Scaling your DevOps Environment
  • All About Web Application Development from A to Z
  • Assessing Your Cloud Readiness Capability
  • Securing cloud applications with multifactor security

The Changing Landscape of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365

The development and customization landscape for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 is changing as more organizations adopt a hybrid on-premises and cloud strategy. This series focuses on developing architecture for organizations with an on-premises SharePoint environment, a plan to use Office 365, using a hybrid on-premises and Office 365 environment, or all-cloud with Office 365.

  • Enable Improved Collaboration with Microsoft Teams
  • How to enable improved collaboration and meetings with Microsoft Teams
  • Choosing the Right Collaboration Tool (Demystifying the Microsoft Stack)
  • Office 365: Planning your Digital Transformation using Effective Organizational Change Management
  • Building Next Generation Sites Using the SharePoint Framework
  • Building forms and workflow solutions with Microsoft PowerApps and Flow
  • Integrating Office 365 and Windows Azure
  • Being Cloud Aware: Microsoft SharePoint Development for the Future
  • How to build and implement Hybrid Information Governance
  • Modern Microsoft Workplace
  • Migrating Collaboration Tools to Office 365

A Deep Dive into Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest offering to deliver end to end business applications in the cloud. It combines Microsoft’s current CRM and ERP cloud options into a new integrated solution with purpose built apps that manage and support business functions and processes like finance, sales, project services and operations. Learn about why and how you should be building your roadmap to include Dynamics 365. Discover new product features and where it fits in Microsoft vision for end-to-end intelligent business applications in the cloud.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Talent HCM Solution
  • Making the leap to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Modernize your legacy case-based applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Creating Line of Business Applications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Modernize your ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Budget planning and coordination
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Capital projects and grants
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Streamline Tasks
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Reporting
  • Enabling Smarter Government Services with Dynamics 365
  • PowerApps, Flow and CDS

Oracle Solutions

Navigate your journey to cloud for HR and Finance from beginning to end, with upfront rationale and options to move to cloud, insights into SaaS implementation strategies and how they are different from traditional ERP projects, and Day 2 operations. Though this focuses on current Oracle on-premise customers, the information shared is foundational and can be useful to any HR or Finance organization that is considering a move to cloud.

  • Moving to the Cloud – A Path for Success
  • Cloud Implementation Strategies for Success
  • Understanding Cloud Sustainment

One size fits all is no longer relevant when your business model is constantly changing. Optimize your business operations without tying up your valuable IT resources.

  • Business insight in minutes with Oracle Stream Analytics
  • Managed Services for Oracle PeopleSoft: Strategy
  • Managed Services for Oracle PeopleSoft: Planning
  • Managed Services for Oracle PeopleSoft: Delivery
  • Managed Services for Oracle PeopleSoft: Transition

Community and industry presentations

Sharing knowledge and insights within our communities, builds a stronger community. Sierra Systems is committed to building a strong community of users and practitioners across all of our areas of expertise; Microsoft, Oracle, ServiceNow, Project Management, and many more. As an active member within a number of user groups across Canada we regularly attend and participate in chapter meetings where we are invited to present alongside our peers.