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Explore real client challenges and learn about the knowledge, technical expertise, and solutions utilized to overcome them with these series of webinars. Register for upcoming webinars by checking our news & events. Click the episode title to watch a webinar in full-screen, high-resolution mode. 

Navigating the technology path

The Changing Landscape of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365

The development and customization landscape for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 is changing as more organizations adopt a hybrid on-premises and cloud strategy. This series focuses on developing architecture for organizations with an on-premises SharePoint environment, a plan to use Office 365, using a hybrid on-premises and Office 365 environment, or all-cloud with Office 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Capital projects and grants

A First Look At Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations for Public Sector

Technology is quickly transforming our daily work routines with useful apps and services that are easy to work with, and that deliver helpful assistance improving our lives. As these transformations are expected to impact business users and accounting professionals, we focus on Microsoft’s set of solutions as examples of how these technology trends are affecting business systems. This series highlights the recent capabilities that are forthcoming so you can better plan your staffing, training and budgeting for the future of your organization.

Uncover the hidden benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Managed Services for Oracle PeopleSoft

Your Oracle PeopleSoft solution is essential to your business operations but it’s also tying up your valuable IT resources. One size fits all is no longer relevant when your business model is constantly changing. This series focuses on strategy, planning, and transitioning and delivery of a managed services model for your most critical business application.

HR Technology and the Cloud

Learn more about the topic of HR technology from planning and selection, through implementation and upkeep and how cloud technologies are shaping this landscape. This webinar series highlights solid research data, and shares our experience on what considerations are influencing technology and organizational decisions across companies of various industries and sizes.

Getting more value from Dynamics AX with Managed Services