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The state of PeopleSoft is strong. With improvements in usability and the continuous delivery model for new feature updates, some organizations are choosing to stay with PeopleSoft for the foreseeable future. Protecting your current investment in PeopleSoft does not mean that standing still is an option.

Oracle PeopleSoft

Sierra Systems, an NTT DATA Company is an end-to-end Oracle Solution provider with a full range of PeopleSoft services including strategic roadmaps, implementations, upgrades, and PeopleSoft application management services. As one of the original 8 PeopleSoft Alliance Partners in the early 90’s, Sierra Systems has 25 years of PeopleSoft lessons learned, tools, and methods that have been refined from hundreds of successful PeopleSoft engagements. Our depth and expertise in PeopleSoft and unwavering commitment to client success is evidenced by our growing circle of PeopleSoft clients that we have worked with for more than a decade – including government and private organizations.

Sierra Systems is the experienced PeopleSoft partner that can help you with these difficult questions.

  • Are you contemplating whether to upgrade to 9.2 or explore other cloud options?
  • Are you tired of the high cost of infrastructure and ready to migrate your PeopleSoft environment to the cloud?
  • Have you upgraded to 9.2 but not yet adapted your sustainment processes for the continuous delivery model?
  • Are you committed to PeopleSoft for the short team but searching for a roadmap for a low-risk migration to cloud applications?

Upgrade Services

Sierra Systems’ experience, gained from decades of upgrading and extending PeopleSoft applications, has allowed us to bundle a set of upgrade services that can be leveraged as a whole, or as separate services, depending the level of upgrade support your organization needs.

Our approach to these six key elements provides a repeatable process that is scalable for the size and complexity of your organization.

We deliver:

  • Scoping and Planning
  • Customization rationalization
  • Blackbox upgrade lab
  • Onsite/remote project resources
  • “Test” first approach
  • Facilitating user adoption

PeopleSoft PUM-As-A-Service

Many organizations have moved to PeopleSoft 9.2 but have not yet embraced the continuous delivery model and the advantages it brings. PeopleSoft bug fixes, patches, enhancements, new functional features, legislative and regulatory updates are released on a continual basis, at a pre-defined calendar schedule throughout the year. Are you efficiently managing your PeopleSoft updates? If not, Sierra Systems can provide comprehensive support and experience handling regular, integrated releases.


  • Reduce overhead by spending less time reviewing updates in relation to your environment’s needs
  • Have direct access to optional features and functionality in PeopleSoft 9.2 applications
  • Improve risk mitigation by have direct paths security updates
  • Implement Oracle patches faster

The seasoned team at Sierra Systems brings the skills needed to help organizations apply PUM updates and add value to their business with extensive knowledge, proven methodologies, standard processes, and vast experience in the application and maintenance of PUM images. Recognizing that organizations may be at different stages with the adoption of PUM, we have created three tailored packages of PUM-as-a-Service for organizations .

PeopleSoft Extensions

Sierra Systems technical resources are highly proficient in PeopleSoft’s development toolkit including Application Designer, Application Engine, Integration Broker, PeopleCode, Fluid UI, and SQL. We mitigate your risk of custom development and deliver value through our common-sense approach to PeopleSoft custom work. We work with you to understand the unique business need and build a solution that has an appropriate cost to benefit outcome. This approach

We deliver:

  • Customization architecture and design
  • Development of “smart customizations” and bolt-ons
  • User experience improvements through Fluid UI and portal
  • Integrations, Data Conversion and Reports

PeopleSoft Managed Services

Our PeopleSoft Managed Services effectively measures, tracks, and manages your PeopleSoft environment, setting a path of improvement in a cost-effective way. We support, maintain and enhance applications, to decrease costs, increase productivity, and streamline operations.
We uniquely deliver value through a holistic approach based on best practices, continuous improvement, and metrics-based decisions.

Our expert PeopleSoft consultants can help you maximize your PeopleSoft investment and embrace the Peoplesoft Continuous Delivery Model for real benefits that impact HR and Finance. These enhancements allow HR and Finance teams to meet the high expectations of your workforce, and to lower your organization’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We deliver:

  • Incident and problem management
  • Enhancement management
  • Change management
  • Release management
  • Transition management
  • Governance


Oracle has changed the way that maintenance and new enhancements are delivered and applied for PeopleSoft with a selective adoption model that eliminates the need for expensive major upgrades. Read how Kal Tire made the decision to upgrade their HCM application to 9.2 and PeopleTools to 8.55.

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Sierra Systems has more than 25 years of experience implementing, upgrading and supporting PeopleSoft applications.  We were one of the original eight PeopleSoft Alliance Partners in the early 90’s and maintain a strong relationship with Oracle today.

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