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Our management consulting professionals provide clients with trusted advice on strategy and change management requirements, as well as business process transformation to help them improve their organizational efficiency and achieve their key business objectives. Our capabilities focus on Information Management and IT Strategy, Organizational Readiness and Organizational Effectiveness.

Business Process Innovation

As trusted advisors, our strength is in designing and implementing innovative business processes and the supporting infrastructure such as policy and procedures, performance management frameworks, organizational structure and technology needed to sustain the change. We work alongside our clients to reach a strategic destination, and take a hands-on approach in transformation activities across their business.

Within the overall business process innovation framework and integrative approach, we employ proven methods and tools to assist our clients with envisioning, developing, and implementing innovative business processes. Each tool and method are ultimately integrated and woven into our comprehensive management consulting approach. We ensure knowledge is transferred throughout the initiative, empowering our clients with a new way of thinking about their business.


  • Efficiently achieve business goals with effective business processes by streamlining and sharing existing processes and reducing redundancy

  • Improve service delivery and automating workflows to build a stronger and more responsive business infrastructure
  • Reduce operational costs and increase revenues through a detailed analysis and adoption of more efficient and strategic approaches to supply chain management

Visioning and Strategy

Our information management and IT strategy services provide a look at your business environment, and evaluate your goals and opportunities to align with business strategies. Capitalizing on cloud based solutions with a robust cloud strategy can prove rewarding for any organization. Our advisors take great steps to understand a client’s business challenges, goals, and culture. We create comprehensive change management and integration plans instead of rolling out “cookie-cutter” solutions, and can develop a roadmap that includes an action plan to help your organization make the right moves on premise or into the cloud.

While our focus is on strategy and governance, we are also IT business architects. Our business architecture solution provides a blueprint of your organization and its technology enterprise which is then used to direct and align strategic objectives, and outline tactical demands.

We deliver:

  • IM/IT strategy plans, business case development and IM/IT roadmaps
  • IM/IT governance, return on investment and decision making frameworks
  • IT assessments (organization, solution, performance)
  • End to end technology procurement processes and recommendations
  • Identity and access management services
  • Technology enabled innovation

Organizational Design and Change

Complex business transformation can fundamentally impact structure, processes, and people within an organization. To successfully make this transition, companies need a structured and compelling approach. This approach needs to consider leadership, commitment, cultural change, management and measurement of the change as well as the methods of engaging and communicating with stakeholders. We assist with strategy-driven organizational change, business-process driven organizational change, and technology-driven organizational change.

Being cloud aware, is only one part of having a deep awareness of how the cloud can be harnessed and put to work for an organization without becoming another business hindrance. The advice and knowledge our specialists have gained through repeated exposure to a variety of different cloud offerings, solutions, and services provides our clients with the necessary awareness, comfort, and information to make the educated decisions where the cloud should be engaged and where not.

Whether the business initiative is at the highest level of transformational strategy, or optimizing the deployment and user adoption of supporting technologies, successful transformation and change strategies require a comprehensive and realistic roadmap, very specific skill sets, and proven methodologies.

We deliver:

  • Impact, cultural, and readiness assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement/ communications plans
  • Learning and development plans, program development and delivery
  • Organization design strategy and models, support and training of internal change networks

Engagement and Collaboration

Transparency is imperative when major policy issues affect multiple stakeholders, interest groups, and citizens. Our stakeholder engagement and collaboration services assist with consensus and collaboration in environments of complex regulatory policy and program change.

Stakeholders at all levels need to be engaged at every opportunity to facilitate information exchange, buy-in and commitment by addressing concerns, mitigating fears, and providing approaches to support project success.

Utilizing best practices and tools, we guide clients through complex, multi-stakeholder engagements that include public policy and large scale technology systems and implementations. We can facilitate small and large groups, interact confidently with clients as well as stakeholders, and synthesize and analyze the content from stakeholder sessions, research, interviews, and background documents. Our ability to communicate and collaborate with client executives and project teams is a key feature that sets us apart.


  • Reduce future costs minimizing project and operating risks through engaging stakeholders at the outset
  • Increase organizational accountability, effectiveness and transparency in decisions
  • Build consensus and collaboration through partnership building and governance development
  • Create a common understanding among diverse and independent organizations

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