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With more than 30 years experience as a specialist in managed services, Sierra Systems, an NTT DATA Company has the methodology, tools, and people in place to reduce costs, improve quality and provide better service to business users in terms of responsiveness, performance, and reliability. From infrastructure management to strategic resourcing, to the full management of the life cycle of application management services (AMS), our services allow clients to focus on their core skill sets.

Our approach is supported by certified AMS consultants, our ITIL® compliant SMART Methodology™ and a proven track record of successful engagements. We provide predictable, measurable and sustained managed services to meet your needs. Our team is comprised of a mix of local and remote highly skilled and experienced full-time resources.

Application Management Services

Effectively measure track and manage your application management services environment, and set a path of improvement in the most cost effective way. Our application management services (AMS) process helps you take control of your IT application assets. We support, maintain and enhance applications, resulting in decreased costs, increased productivity and streamlined operations.

We provide complete transparency and a mechanism to drive continuous improvement ensuring cost savings do not stop once the initial implementation has been completed.

We uniquely deliver value through a holistic approach based on best practices, continuous improvement, and metrics-based decisions. Our AMS offering includes SMART Methodology™, SMART Tools™, curriculum and certification – along with best practices and guidelines and the processes which need to be implemented. Our services encompass incident and problem management, enhancement management, change management, release management, transition management, and governance.

Flexible Delivery
Our approach to delivery is flexible and includes both on and off site, as well as offshore solutions. Use of this model allows you to reap the benefits of all three constructs and gives your organization the flexibility to embrace the transformation method that best suits your unique business needs, rather than a one size fits all solution.

SMART Resources
Our AMS specialists are not only certified in the implementation and use of the SMART Methodology™ and associated best practices but they have the technical and industry knowledge to assist you with your business critical applications.

Application Support
The AMS practice provides non-application specific, technology agnostic support across all platforms (on-premise, hybrid, and cloud). This breadth allows us to work with a wide range of respected technology and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications including OpenText, Oracle PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics 365 , Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365. Our resources have the technical skills to support and maintain both legacy and current ERP and mission critical applications across industries and business functions.

SMART Methodology™

The SMART Methodology™ is our foundation of best practices, training curriculums and business focus that assists to take control of IT application assets. After the initial system implementation, our process drives continuous improvement and may extend cost savings, allowing you to redirect your budget in support of other organizational system enhancements and projects.

The SMART Methodology™ (Solution Management and Request Tracking) is the only published authoritative guide to creating a successful application support and maintenance environment. Within SMART there are 70+ detailed processes which focus on application management that has been developed over 30 years of delivering AMS. The methodology and processes are compliant with leading frameworks and control systems such as ITIL® and COBIT.

The SMART Framework
At the heart of SMART reside the simple yet powerful 12 best AMS practices. These best practices provide a structure specifically created and designed for the support and maintenance activities of IT organizations to achieve operational excellence. Our delivery approach provides a framework to help you realize your organization’s goals quickly. In parallel, our AMS management tools monitor the combined client and Sierra Systems team performance. This allows for complete transparency and a continuous improvement mechanism to manage costs.

SMART Methodology

Cloud Managed Services

The early stages of implementing a cloud environment finds many organizations underestimating the effort required to manage all aspects of their chosen direction, especially those elements that are not part of the cloud service providers agreement.

Organizations often face severe budget restrictions making the availability of IT resources to manage cloud environments and the complexities that hybrid cloud/on premise environments heavy burdens.

Our managed services teams provide a cost effective solution to the pressures of your hybrid and cloud environments, services, and applications.

The services we offer compliment your organizations direction and drive, unique tailored solutions are the only way to ensure we can offer the best fit.

Cloud Service Governance
Governance includes the management and support for security and access controls; cost management and optimization; and policy based orchestration and integration.

Cloud Service Operations
Operations includes application and infrastructure monitoring, that may not be provided by your chosen cloud service provider; performance management; and scaling and availability management.

Cloud Service Delivery
Service delivery includes service catalog management; deployment and provisioning; onboarding and migration; ongoing management of the product upgrades/patches, configurations, customizations, as well as integrations.

Co-Sourcing / Outsourcing

To meet the demands of achieving business growth and meeting client expectations, many companies are turning to co-sourcing or outsourcing to support their business. Often times IT is perceived as a corporate overhead cost, but in fact if leveraged appropriately can be a catalyst for achieving business growth. Many companies are turning to co-sourcing or outsourcing to fulfil technical resource gaps while meeting organizational demands.

From strategic resourcing and co-sourcing, to a fully-outsourced model, we provide a continuum of service to help meet the high demands of client expectations.

Our outsourced model provides a fully managed, service level driven approach to maintaining your environment’s life cycle. It leverages our SMART Methodology™ and best practices, certified and skilled local resources, progress tracking tools, and yearly stewardship reporting. Our co-sourcing approach is a true partnership combining the business expertise of your organization with our industry specialists. This offering tightly integrates your tools and processes with our best practices which are driven by our experienced client teams.

We deliver:

  • Improved quality of service
  • Structured governance model
  • Flexible delivery and pricing models
  • Process optimization
  • Application portfolio stabilization

Shared Services

Focus your limited IT resources on key strategic initiatives, while we take the worry out of maintaining your non-core applications, applications that are difficult to staff, or new technologies to your business.

From small part-time needs to that of a larger team, Sierra Systems can provide comprehensive service offerings and flexible delivery options to meet your changing business needs. We do so by leveraging scalable teams who have experience sustaining and enhancing applications in six key technology areas: .Net, Oracle PeopleSoft, Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Oracle Forms.

Our tools, skilled resources and methodology enables clients to better support, maintain and enhance applications – resulting in decreased costs, increased productivity and streamlined operations. Further, our process provides complete transparency as well as a mechanism to drive continuous improvement and to identify opportunities for cost savings. We recognize that all clients are not the same, nor are the needs for each application. To facilitate a quick engagement and overall clarity we can provide flexible options scaled for the level of service required.

We deliver:

  • Transition from implementation project, other vendors or internal delivery
  • Delivery management, service management, and reporting, central e-mail and toll free phone point of contact
  • End-user functional support and incident management, system configuration, administration and security
  • Proactive maintenance including service packs, patches, hot-fixes, functional improvements and enhancements
  • Environment management, release and deployment management

Transition Management

Transition management focuses on retaining intellectual capital while emphasizing training and education with knowledge transfer and risk management best practices.

Effective transition management clearly defines the operational processes and provides a foundation for ongoing support. It can also assure the physical and operational infrastructure meets the project requirements. Transition may also take into consideration the necessary operations and maintenance processes, technical environment, resource assignments, knowledge, and training to deliver supporting services.

Transition is comprised of four phases, plus monitoring and control oversight processes for complete delivery transparency. Use of this approach enables managed service standards and operational processes to adapt to project needs, while defining service levels.

Managed Services


Effective governance needs to be assessed regularly to ensure planned outcomes are achieved and its mandate is realized. Our governance approach is a critical part of the SMART Methodology™ which helps establish the review and prioritization of applications. When changes are made to an application, they must be in accordance with the corporate objectives, to provide optimum value to the organization. The goal of governance is to align AMS team efforts to the needs of the business. The purpose of governance is to align application work to corporate business objectives, monitor application work, both complete and unfinished, respond timely to application requests from stakeholders, and encourage good ideas and a collaborative environment.

The Governance Model
Sierra Systems’ governance structure engages members from the business, client IT support, and AMS communities. The purpose is to engage the organization so that all application requests are reviewed and prioritized in a manner that supports corporate goals and objectives. The governance process facilitates a collaborative business environment and identifies a path for issue escalation while providing a tracking mechanism.

Managed Services

Metrics and Monitoring

Our SMART Methodology™ is complemented by our web-based SMART Tools™, SupportApps™. These tools include a comprehensive ticket tracking and reporting system, an application knowledge repository and search tool, and a time measurement and reporting system. With SMART Tools, best practice compliant actions are assured.

SupportApps is the application portfolio repository which includes application inventory and analysis, productivity reports, individual work plans, critical problem tickets and enhancement priorities.

SupportApps Stewardship Reporting:

Incident management
Problem and release management
Change and documentation management
Transition management
Enhancement management
Portfolio management

We deliver:

  • SMART document repository
  • Client specific dashboard, application metrics
  • Service level performance metrics, operational/management reports
  • Incident trend analysis metrics

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