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Effective and innovative integration with secure access to information

Sierra Systems, an NTT DATA Company provides innovative solutions for organizations within the Justice and Public Safety (JPS) sectors including emergency management, law enforcement, prosecution, courts, and corrections. Our proven experience working with JPS customers at the Federal, Provincial, and local levels provides us with insight on how we can leverage optimal technology solutions to improve operating performance and enhance public safety.

Our considerable cross-jurisdiction experience has allowed us to implement key collaborative solutions, analytic solutions, and advanced data exchanges between organizations. Whether helping you select solutions, implement and integrate solutions, or build custom solutions, Sierra Systems brings a team of experienced IT Professionals with proven expertise working in challenging Justice and Public Safety environments across Canada and the US. In addition to delivering JPS IT projects, we also participate in North American Police, Courts, and Corrections industry associations and regularly partner with leading industry packaged solution providers.

Public Safety

Law Enforcement



  • Emergency notification solutions
  • Coroner solutions
  • Road Safety solutions
  • Emergency Management solutions
  • Police Records RMS solutions
  • Police Dispatch CAD solutions
  • Officer Performance Management / Early Intervention solutions
  • eDisclosure from Police to Prosecution
  • Criminal Case Management solutions
  • Civil Case Management solutions
  • Appellate Court solutions
  • Self-Represented-Litigant tools
  • Advanced Scheduling solutions
  • Family Maintenance Order solutions
  • eDisclosure from Prosecution to Defense & Inmate
  • Corrections Offender Management solutions
  • Inmate Accounting solutions
  • Case Management solutions
  • Victims Managements solutions
  • Health Management solutions
  • Advanced NIEM Data Exchanges between Agencies and Organizations
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Dashboards
  • Enterprise Content Collaboration and Digital Asset Management
  • Packaged Solution Implementation, Custom Development, Enterprise Integration

Use digital evidence management to beat Jordan-decision timelines

The power of digital evidence management has arrived, with proven policies and tools to take advantage of workflow, security, and audit controls. Sierra Systems has experience bringing the pieces together, integrating the underlying products to alleviate the digital demands placed on Canada’s Justice & Public Safety sector. Simplify repository, capturing and ingesting media. eDisclosure is better, faster, and less labour intensive.

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  • The Adoption of Digital Evidence Management In Law Enforcement

Sierra Systems has provided key Early Intervention solutions to several large Police Agencies grappling with how to highlight officers with exemplary performance while also identifying other outliers that are in need assistance. Advanced analytics and case management solutions are used to provide objective measures to effectively management Officer Performance. Our EIS Fast Start Solution Framework is more than an approach to developing Early Intervention Systems, it includes a suite of tools that have evolved from several client engagements.

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Streamlined e-filing: Powered by OpenText™ Content Suite

Sierra Systems helped define, build, and implement a solution to transfer electronic disclosure information from Police to Prosecution, and then make redacted information available to defense attorneys through a secure portal.

Supporting an effective and innovative justice organization demands reliable and secure access to information. Criminal e-File and an electronic disclosure portal move the justice system towards electronic, paperless efficiency.

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Smart Content Management: eDisclosure to offenders in custody using Microsoft SharePoint

Sierra Systems helped define the solution and technical architecture of a secure online environment delivering seamless integration and information sharing. This included access to electronic disclosure of court case material for offenders awaiting trial, an integration with existing identity management systems, enterprise search capabilities, and user-friendly biometric authentication interface.

A secure internet portal for staff to the provincial Offender Management System, Business Intelligence System, Incident Management System and Inmate Classification System. Learn about the Integrated Corrections Operations Network Project.

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