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Organizations are pressured to balance business efficiency with innovation to stay relevant and competitive. With so many breakthrough and disruptive technologies exciting us, how do we find the balance between leveraging new and innovative technologies and ensuring that our core business requirements are fulfilled?

Join us for a 60-minute session in which we discuss innovation and how to ensure your organization’s technology incorporates the right elements of innovation without disrupting your business’ competitive advantage. Topics include:

  • How to create value through a balanced technology stack
  • The concept of creativity in technology to foster innovation
  • How to minimize risk within innovation
  • How to improve collaboration through innovation
  • How to protect your data while employing data driven innovation
  • How to leverage PoC’s to address challenges and learn how to proceed
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Paul Twigg
VP, Technology, Sierra Systems

Jeff Bergeron
Senior Vice President, CTO, NTT DATA Services

Stephen Gordon
CIO, Office of the Auditor General British Columbia

Jitu Panesar
Director, Planning and Architecture, BC Assessment