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North American energy companies are short on capacity, at least in terms of resources needed to deliver on capital-intensive IT projects. This comes at a time when they are under increasing pressure from governments, stakeholders and customers to implement a wide range of initiatives such as expanding into emerging markets, increasing production efficiency, meeting regulatory compliance, and integrating diverse systems to manage the data.

Within the energy sector, Sierra Systems, an NTT DATA Company has extensive IT experience in both the electrical power generation and oil and gas industries. Our consultants are conversant in all aspects of the systems that support today’s oil and gas industry – from conventional oil and gas harvesting through to varied sources including oil sands, shale and offshore. In the electrical industry, we have extensive experience in the systems that support nuclear, coal generation, and hydro-electric generation as well as high tension transmission.

Sierra Systems provides a full-service platform ranging from business process re-engineering to systems integration to long-range application management and support, eliminating the silo’ed approach to solution delivery endemic of other consulting providers. We draw on multifunctional teams from our management consulting, systems integration, and managed services practice that focus exclusively on companies in this segment.

Focused industry experience:

  • Oil and gas

  • Public utilities

  • Power plants

  • Energy

  • Regulatory agencies


The Pure Technologies project illustrates how open source machine learning drastically reduces processing costs by automating the analysis of large amounts of dense technical data. The award-winning solution poised the company to save millions in processing times. Read how we helped Pure Technologies achieve 99.3% reduction in average processing time.

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Business Insight in Minutes with Oracle Stream Analytics

Oracle Stream Analytics is a powerful and instant insight business tool that makes Stream Analysis as easy as working in Excel. With more than 20 statistical, general industry, machine learning and spatial patterns, business users can instantly turn the streaming data flood into meaningful information to support timely decision making.

  • An introduction to the Oracle Stream Analytics visual interface
  • Implement an Internet of Things (IoT) device monitoring scenario by using filters, groupings, summaries and ranges
  • Evolve the data stream into an equipment monitoring solution
  • Use out of the box patterns to analyze the data stream
  • Create your own business rules and statistical and mathematical expressions
  • Explore scenarios for using and deploying Oracle Stream Analytics and Oracle Edge Analytics
  • Business Insight in Minutes with Oracle Stream Analytics

Solutions that are flexible and adaptable

Standardize your Health, Safety and Environments reports. . . within hours. Rapid production of complex safety reports is the bane of many companies. This is especially burdensome for small or medium-sized energy firms, where managers often manually mine data from multiple files, databases, or outside systems. Reclaim that effort with the intelligence of Power BI and Sierra Systems’ downloadable Health and Safety and Environment (HSE) report solution.

Tailored for Oil & Gas companies in Canada, our Power BI solution links, organizes, and transforms your data pools into industry-standard safety reports and environmental records.

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