Featured Success Story: Data Analytics and Machine Learning

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Innovation in Action: Pure Technologies

With their suite of patented technology solutions, Pure Technologies helps Infrastructure owners better assess, monitor, and manage water and wastewater pipelines, bridges and structures, as well as oil & gas pipelines.

Through data analytics and open-source machine learning, Sierra Systems developed a deep learning artificial intelligence system using Python and the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. This system converted the audio gathered by Pure Technologies, sensor ball into visual representations which were used to accurately identify leaks 150 times faster than the existing manual process could. Plans exist to scale this process to run multiple pipelines in parallel, allowing infrastructure managers to execute pipeline repair orders within hours as opposed to weeks.

  • 99.3% reduction in average processing time

  • Faster response times

  • Increased inspection frequency

  • Greater overall accuracy in reporting


Sierra Systems Win’s CDN Award for Disruptor of the Year & IoT Solution of the Year

The Challenge

Calgary-based, Pure Technologies is a world leader in the development and application of innovative and smart technologies for inspection, monitoring, and management of critical infrastructure. Sierra Systems was challenged with minimizing the classification time and effort required for the technicians to identify leaks.

The Results

Using the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Python, and Convolution Neural Networking techniques to develop a machine learning model, Pure experienced a 99.33% reduction of the manual workload, equating to a 150x increase in productivity, reducing the labor cost per km of pipeline under review dramatically.

Join the leading businesses and secure your competitive advantage with machine learning and data analytics.

We help organizations to take their first step into the future by designing integrated solutions with innovative machine learning capabilities embedded within the Microsoft Cloud Suite of applications. Be among the first to use data analytics and machine learning technology to make better decisions, improve business outcomes and drive revenue.

Big Data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large that it is difficult to process using traditional data processing applications. We help organizations use Big Data to deliver better experiences and make better decisions.

Machine learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence that is able to learn, access, analyze and find patterns in big data without being explicitly programmed to do so. There are dozens of variations but at its core, this harnesses the computational power of the machine to make rapid decisions from unclear data towards an explicit goal.

Machine learning does not need large-scale systems to operate. While stock market analysis, facial recognition, and self-driving cars grab headlines, the barriers to entry have fallen. Mid-sized and even small companies can now use machine learning applications to replace costly human labor, and create systems with ever-growing speed and accuracy.

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