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Cloud Business Transformation

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Why is cloud so impactful, and what are the “bigger” benefits of cloud? Sierra Systems can educate and engage with your leaders to nurture understanding of the agile nature of cloud and its foundational implications for the business.

Cloud Business Transformation

Organizations who embrace the paradigm shift of cloud and who recognize non-technology aspects of transformation as a priority have higher success with their cloud initiatives.  Sierra Systems’ experts have a unique blend of Oracle cloud application and business transformation knowledge and can work with you for an honest assessment of your organizations’ readiness to embrace the people, process, and technology changes associated with cloud.

For more information see our Cloud Drives Business Transformation Solution Brief.


  • Increased employee productivity
  • Higher employee satisfaction

  • Increased sales/revenue

  • Decreased IT costs

  • Gained competitive advantage

We deliver:

  • Executive education on the transformative journey to cloud
  • Questionnaires, workshops, and readiness scorecard
  • IT transformation and sustainment toolkits

  • Cloud implementation toolkit, including a cloud capability map
  • Governance framework(s) for transparency and agile decision making

Information to help you achieve successful cloud adoption

Strengthen your business understanding of the different cloud solutions available, along with the associated benefits and issues, considerations, concerns, and opportunities of each. From a brief introduction on what cloud solutions are all about, Sierra’s cloud experts explain the different types of cloud offerings, such as IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, as well as the major players, before tackling common cloud topics.

Cloud Ecosystems

Cloud Privacy

Securing Your Cloud Infrastructure

Implementing Cloud Solutions

Managing Cloud Solutions

Business Transformation

Our consulting professionals provide clients with trusted advice on strategy and stakeholder engagement, as well as business process transformation and Cloud Readiness. We leverage leading transformation and change management practices, tools, and experiences gained from completing hundreds of successful projects.

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