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Data Discovery

Embedded Analytics

Foundation Services

Sierra Systems delivers business analytics services and solutions to clients across multiple industries. With a history of successful long term client engagements, we offer a full range of services to meet your current and evolving needs at any point from data discovery to business intelligence, including a well established and mature Business Analytics practice, toolset experience with Microsoft and IBM Cognos, pre-built solutions, repeatable methodologies, processes and solutions, Center of excellence (COE) with body of knowledge, Business Intelligence lab, and best practices, and architect departmental and enterprise solutions that evolve over time.

Strategy Services

Data Discovery Services

Our health check services include an assessment, to review your existing reporting solution, compare it against industry best practices and make recommendations for improvement. With a roadmap, we provide a forward looking enterprise strategy tailored to your unique business needs and include a low risk iterative implementation plan to help you build a business analytics solution over time.

We provide advisory and consulting services to guide your organization in the adoption of rapid self-serve analytics and visualization capabilities. Our quick start program enables you to start using data discovery in your organization. We create a working prototype, using your data to address real world business problems and experience first-hand the “art of the possible”.

Business and Embedded Analytics

Foundation Services

Using our proven iterative BI systems development methodology, from initial business requirements definition to deployment, we offer comprehensive services including requirements, design, data warehouse build (ETL), reports, dashboards and cubes, and ad hoc query tools.

Our data warehouse (DW) toolset conversions can convert your existing DW within our BI lab. Options include lift and shift (move all objects as is) or move and improve (incorporate enhancements). We have a number of “accelerators” or pre-built objects that can help fast track the creation of your business analytics solution including templates for Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle PeopleSoft and standard back office functions including Finance, HR and Supply Chain.

With one foot planted in the today’s reality and the other in tomorrow’s art of the possible, we see hybrid solutions as the key to moving organizations into the cloud. We provide a planning framework for clients looking to slowly transition into the cloud while still maintaining some on-premise capacity. We provide a plan to address architecture, content, security, authentication, and an iterative implementation over time.

Big data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large that it is difficult to process using traditional data processing applications. It is also a constantly moving target. We believe that while big data technologies are important enablers, the focus needs to be on big questions first and big data second. We help organizations address the issues of big data input (using technologies such as Hadoop) big data variety (with our modeling expertise), and big data answers (with our business driven approach).

How to transform your company’s data with Microsoft Power BI

Knowledge is power, but timing is everything. The ability to rapidly explore data and obtain valuable information in a timely manner is critical to gaining business value out of your analytics solution.

With Power BI you can meet this demand and foster a culture of data driven decision making by empowering business users with visually stunning reports and dashboards that present them with the information they need, when they need.

This technical webinar will explore the Power BI service, hybrid integration scenarios, the Power BI Enterprise Data Gateway and more.

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