Setting up for success when moving to the cloud

Rationale to move to cloud and important considerations that will impact the path you choose Cloud is pervasive in our day to day life which is influencing the workplace. It is likely that your organization already has a cloud strategy, so what does that mean for HR and Finance? Sierra Systems’ Susie McLeod and Ambar Singhai talk about options for HR and Finance to move to cloud, and then highlight different factors that can influence [...]

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How To Find Balance In Your Technology Stack

How to ensure your organization’s technology incorporates the right elements of innovation without disrupting your business’ competitive advantage Organizations are pressured to balance business efficiency with innovation to stay relevant and competitive. With so many breakthrough and disruptive technologies exciting us, how do we find the balance between leveraging new and innovative technologies and ensuring that our core business requirements are fulfilled? This webinar reviews innovation and how to ensure your organization’s technology incorporates [...]

Today’s Youth in Technology on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

We’ve invited school students to lend their perspectives on one of our hottest topics; Artificial Intelligence (AI). Paul Twigg from Sierra Systems and Virginia Ashley from Microsoft facilitate a panel discussion to gain an understanding of how this technology is being used by today’s youth, and how it will help shape their future. Topics discussed: How today’s youth are already learning about AI and Machine Learning in their day to day lives and classrooms. How [...]

Task Recording in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

The Task recorder has been a feature in Dynamics for years, but it has been revamped from the ground up in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. What is Task Recorder? Quite simply, Task recorder is a tool that allows users to create, maintain and publish recordings of business processes within D365 F&O. Integration with Microsoft’s Lifecycle Services (LCS) Business process modeler (BPM) tool can convert these recordings into business process diagrams for analysis. Features [...]

How Government Departments are Fast-tracking Digital Transformation

The factors that have pressured the private sector to move rapidly to digital workplaces are also pressing on public sector agencies. In less than a decade, the cloud has gone from being a valuable functional and economical tool to the underpinning of the “modern digital employee”.  In Canada, the effect has been that the current workforce is almost fully digitally literate, and citizens are not far behind. The effect has been that both civil servants [...]

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How Insurers Can Be Ready for IFRS 17

IFRS 17, an International Financial Reporting Standard issued by the International Accounting Standards Board in May 2017, represents the biggest change to insurance accounting in two decades. It is complicated and the costs and risks associated with compliance can be significant. Sierra Systems, an NTT DATA Company, proudly supports our clients as they address these challenges. We have over 25 years of experience helping insurance companies solve their most pressing business problems. Our comprehensive solution helps [...]

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Deep Dive in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Talent HCM Solution

What differentiates Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent from the rest? One size fits all is no longer applicable in the digital workplace. There are several HCM solutions on the market but what differentiates Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent from the rest of them is its extensibility framework which allows you to tailor the application to fit your organization’s business needs. Learn the latest and greatest features of Talent and to see a showcase of extensibility [...]

June 5th, 2019|Categories: Microsoft Solutions|

Transform End-of-Life into Life-in-the-Cloud

Mitigate Cost by Migrating to Windows 10 Ten years ago, Microsoft changed the IT marketplace by releasing Windows 7, Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, and followed that success with the re-casting of Skype for Business. These products all quickly became mainstays, deployed across entire organizations - Windows 7 is still the OS for ~40% of the globe*. With new versions of these products recently released, the year 2020 will be a year of reckoning for many [...]

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