Digital Health Week 2019

Welcome to Canada's Digital Health Week 2019 with Michelle O'Keefe As Sierra Systems’ Health Industry Lead, I’m proud of our rich history in helping to create the digital health landscape in Canada. When people ask me, “What has Sierra Systems done in Healthcare?”, it could be easier to respond with a shortlist of what we haven’t done. To celebrate Digital Health Week, we will be sharing some of our stories with you and sharing our [...]

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Cloud-native Apps: Developing applications the new way

Entering the next phase of application development, we should be reminded that IT is not a race, but a step-by-step shift to higher efficiencies. Higher returns on cost, scalability, storage, and speed are the bedrock of IT advancement. Cloud-native technologies’ difference is the accelerating feedback loop of its infrastructure, development tools, methodologies and architecture. Containers, have pushed hardware even further into the background. Lightweight packaging of every needed dependency lets any app run the same [...]

How To Enable Improved Collaboration & Meetings with Microsoft Teams

Learn how Microsoft Teams can empower teamwork in your workplace Microsoft 365’s highly integrated solution meets the needs of today’s team-oriented work environment. With chat, files, meetings, voice, apps, and social, all backed by Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security and reliability, it provides employees with the tools they need to collaborate any time, any place, and on any device. Topics include: How to communicate and collaborate more effectively with higher performing teams How to elevate employee engagement [...]

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Move over Skype for Business – Hello Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft announced that Skype for Business Online will retire July 31, 2021. For organizations still using Skype for Business Online, this means that between now and July 31, 2021, no changes will be made to the Skype for Business service, and communication may continue as usual. However, after July 31, 2021, according to Microsoft, “. . . it (Skype for Business) will no longer be accessible or supported. We encourage Skype for Business Online customers [...]

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How municipalities are digitally transforming in 2019

Digital transformation is a constantly evolving and somewhat abstract concept. Its popularity rests in its improvement of outcomes by increasing digital maturity and inspiring digital adoption; two goals that have consistently shown to make organizations be more competitive, sustainable and prosperous. For many rural governments and public agencies, there is now a tipping point in the ROI for launching digital transformation initiatives. Cloud-based workplaces have stronger integrations than their predecessors and are more accessible from [...]

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Cloud Sustainment: Understanding and optimizing Day 2 operations

Understanding cloud sustainment and optimizing production operations Once you are live on Oracle Cloud, how do you support end users, handle regular updates, and live with a culture of continuous innovation that cloud enables? Sierra Systems’ Susie McLeod and Ken Akerley talk about different support models for Oracle Cloud including roles and responsibilities between Oracle and the client. Also discussed will be considerations for functional support, technical support for patches and updates, reporting and [...]

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A big industry, a big target for disruption

No one needs reminding just how large the insurance industry is. Numbers reported by the Insurance Information Institute provide a mind-blowing perspective. In 2017 alone $1.2 trillion in premiums contributed $602.7 billion, or (3.1%), to the nation’s GDP while employing 2.7 million people. Yep, insurance is big business. Today’s large legacy insurance providers are squarely in the crosshairs for disruption, and know that IFRS 17 is their wake up call. Businesses that recognize and capitalize [...]

Cloud implementation strategies for success

What you need to know about SaaS Implementations All successful projects require a clear articulation of the future vision and the roadmap for how to achieve it. Sierra Systems’ Susie McLeod and Ambar Singhai draw from their years of Oracle experience to explain the attributes of a SaaS implementation project and how it follows a different cadence and approach than traditional ERP projects. We will also discuss three steps that will help form the [...]

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