How to deploy Windows 10 utilizing Office 365

Join Sierra Systems on Thursday, February 8th for a complimentary webinar which will teach you how to deploy Windows 10 utilizing Microsoft 365! Microsoft 365 is the platform that brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility Security to enable the modern workplace. Fast and cost-effective deployment of the Microsoft 365 Applications and Windows 10 operating system is at the center of every IT organization looking to optimize their services and focus their [...]

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Achievement Unlocked! Microsoft Gold Data Platform Competency

I am over the moon to announce our achievement of the Microsoft Gold Data Platform competency. The Data Platform competency recognizes Microsoft partners that are looking to design and develop powerful and versatile database platforms for their clients businesses. The last 12 months at Sierra Systems has been nothing short of a Data and AI revolution. Along with our achievement of the gold Data Analytics competency just last month, the achievement of the gold Data [...]

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Innovation Snake Pit

Sierra Systems has been involved in many transformative and exciting technological innovations throughout 2017, all of them helping to make the world a better place. We invite you to join the inaugural Innovation Snake Pit and cast your vote for the Sierra Systems Innovation of the Year 2017. Join Paul Twigg, Piers Hollott, Cory Frandsen and Michelle O'Keefe as part of the judging panel for the Innovation Snake Pit. Several of our top technology [...]

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Power BI, What’s The Big Deal?

A handful of people have asked me why Microsoft’s Power BI has become so popular in the last year (and a few confidentially asked me what it is). In a nutshell, Power BI a data analytics tool that’s easy to use (especially for Excel users), relatively inexpensive, and allows you to quickly make sharp-looking reports from your browser. That describes what it does, but to explain why a “pretty-looking graph” matters, we need to look [...]

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Tech Grind 2017 – Sierra Systems Conquers the Grouse Grind for United Way!

In late September a keen Sierra Systems team battled 19 others up the Grouse Grind as part of the United Way 2017 Tech Grind, raising funds for United Way. Thanks to all of our supporters, we raised over $1400 and the event total raised was over $30,000! Rebecca Donnelly, from the Sierra Systems team crossed the line as the first female with an amazing time of 45 minutes! The team enjoyed food, yoga, and beverages [...]

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Power BI Insights at your Fingertips

Do you want to learn how to transform raw data into meaningful insights at the touch of a button? Whether your data insights require straightforward or complex data-sets, Microsoft's Power BI tool will help you better customize data to reflect your business needs, offering insights at a high level or at a deep, granular level. If you want to learn how you can effectively monitor key metrics, spot real-time trends and create personalized dashboards [...]

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Stuck between the cloud and a hard place

I have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to many different companies throughout my career and it is true, no two are the same but there are many similar business fundamentals that contribute to profitability and success. Some of those fundamentals are visibility into operations, optimization, continuous improvements and predictability for delivery. It doesn’t matter what type of business, many want to strive in these areas and many end up thinking that, or are [...]

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Top 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions for the SharePoint Framework ( SPFx)

When it comes to adapting to the latest technologies, it is important to have a fundamental understanding of the application stack. The SharePoint Framework is loaded with a mix of robust features that can create a lot of value when developed with your business process and user experience needs in mind. To help you get familiar with SPFx and better understand what is required to build, upgrade, or migrate to new SPFx applications, we have [...]

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Building Next Generation Sites Using the SharePoint Framework – Part 2

In this webinar, we deep dive into some of the more compelling advanced scenarios of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) such as how SPFx can work with Add-Ins to help you implement advanced integration scenarios from the user interface. In our previous webinar, last month, we presented some of the basics of SPFx like modern design patterns and deployment best practices through live code demos. This webinar will help take you to the next level [...]

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Microsoft to Enhance Cloud Security with Azure Storage Server Encryption for Managed Disks

Since data is the “life blood” of your company, it’s important that it stays secure at all times. Data security is even more important in cases where you entrust your data to an offsite cloud services provider like Microsoft or AWS.  Therefore, in order to serve your most demanding security and compliance needs, Microsoft has announced a new Encryption at Rest service for your Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering. With the Microsoft Azure cloud, it [...]

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Building Next Generation SharePoint Sites Using the SharePoint Framework

Are you looking forward to getting rich re-usable web parts created in Office 365 and SharePoint 2016? We would like to welcome the introduction of Microsoft’s recently released SharePoint Framework, the new development model for creating UI components for SharePoint in the cloud and on-premise. It provides many of the capabilities that developers were familiar with in Full Trust Solutions but using pure client-side components. This webinar will dive deep into the SharePoint Framework [...]

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Using a Cloud Vendor’s Best Practices to Quickly Reduce Security Risk

Measuring a cloud implementation against the vendor’s recommended best practices can provide a quick reduction of information security risk to a business. Microsoft recently conducted a cloud adoption study in the United Kingdom and determined that over 60% of the surveyed organizations were planning to utilize existing IT resources to facilitate the organizations’ move to the cloud due to the shortage of people with cloud skills. At the same time, many organizations are rushing [...]

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Microsoft BI suite for Business Analytics Portals

The Microsoft BI suite provides a range of reporting and data visualization solutions to enable self-service data driven decision making for your organization. Power BI portals cloud service provides a simple modern experience for your business users to access rich interactive reports and access your critical business data from the web portal or from mobile applications. The Power BI gateway has connectors to get data from most databases and enterprise applications, whether they are on-premises [...]

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Next-gen mobile cloud-ready portals with secure self-service

SharePoint Intranets to deliver Employee Content and Collaboration Portals Microsoft SharePoint is a strategic investment for many organizations in the digital workplace. For most, the primary goal of that investment is effective collaboration and document management, yet companies are still expected to meet the unique needs of each user, including clients, staff, and the public. Sierra Systems SharePoint Intranet Solution Accelerator (SISA) is built leveraging years of collective experience to accelerate implementation and adoption of [...]

April 8th, 2017|Categories: Microsoft Solutions|Tags: , |

Next-gen Portals – The Digital Workplace Foundation

Portals are a first and essential step in any digital workplace journey. Simply put, they are a central place for employees, customers, partners, and vendors to get all relevant information. Information may come from different sources, and be created or managed by different groups of people. Next-gen portals provide a user-centric way to present this information to help people find significant information from anywhere on any device. Organizations often need different types of portals, each [...]

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