Guided RAST Regression Testing for D365 Updates

Join a Walkthrough of the Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT), Best Practices and its place within Microsoft's One Version service updates.   Ongoing development, education and growth is a professional requirement for all Microsoft Dynamics' project managers, testers and developers. This December, Sierra Systems' 11-year Dynamics specialist Layale Khalifeh helped Dynamics users better understand regression testing using the Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 FO). Her webinar (login required) [...]

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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advances Facility Management – Webinar Recap

Proper facilities management requires management of data just as much as the tangible capital investment materials. Whether dealing with buildings, vehicles or equipment, knowing when and where to allocate resources can have a drastic effect. Facility managers who can access data on each item’s maintenance history and the current tasks at hand can make triage decisions – using insight and quantitative data to decide what gets fixed today and what can wait. Having this data not [...]

December 18th, 2019|Categories: Microsoft Solutions|

The Pillars of Microsoft Teams and the Collaborative Workplace

Microsoft Teams’ market growth recently hit another milestone, surpassing 20 million daily active users. Teams’ rapid acceptance is a clear indication of the benefits and functionality this highly integrated solution provides. To help new and potential Teams users better understand the collaborative strengths, the National Technology and Innovation Leader, Paul Twigg and M365 Architect and Technology Director Bruce Tuncertan launched a webinar, which can be found here. This discussion defines what effective collaboration is, and [...]

December 17th, 2019|Categories: Microsoft Solutions|Tags: , |

Technology trends for 2020 from Microsoft Ignite

Highlights from Microsoft’s Most Comprehensive Annual Conference The 2019 Microsoft Ignite Conference continues to be the launchpad for many of Microsoft’s next generation of products, features, and ideas – and there were a lot of them. To help make sense of it all, two leading Microsoft experts from Sierra Systems, an NTT DATA Company, National Technology and Innovation Leader, Paul Twigg and National Solutions Architect Nilesh Nadkarni, take you through an informative 30-minute webinar, examining [...]

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Better Prenatal Care from Better Data

 Sierra’s Clinical Integration for Prenatal Health Maternity wards host, arguably, some of the most memorable moments of people’s lives. At Sierra Systems, an NTT DATA Company, our Health Practice has helped bring the latest technologies to Canadian pre- and post-natal care centers with the clinical information that makes a difference.  All modern hospitals run on data, and our integrations are woven into clinical workflow experience so that health teams have the data they need quickly [...]

November 13th, 2019|Categories: Health Industry|Tags: , |

Bringing Technology to Infant Feeding

“Milk management” isn’t a phrase that most people associate with critical care, but here at the Health Practice in Sierra Systems, an NTT DATA Company, it's an important part of the overall health system. For decades, we have helped hospitals, departments and care units focus on the specific demands of their health workflow. Our teams have brought in new technologies that improve care and are flexible enough to support the massive range of health services [...]

November 13th, 2019|Categories: Health Industry|Tags: , |

How Sierra Systems is Supporting First Responders in Health

Protecting first responders in the field is paramount. We know they go through a lot and keeping them well is in the public’s interest, the first responders’ interest, and the employer’s interest.  How Can Sierra Systems Help? Sierra Systems is investing in developing a predictive analytic computer solution, SMART EIS for Officer Wellness to highlight those at most risk of PTSD early, allowing timely follow-up before things get worse. We have a background working with [...]

November 12th, 2019|Categories: Health Industry|Tags: , , |

Leading Practices for PHI

Health Information Management Leading Practices for Non-Traditional Care Models  The management of personal health information (PHI) is a requirement by any organization that creates or collects it to maintain the privacy of the individual it belongs to and to protect the health information from unauthorized access or use.   Data-driven healthcare has not changed the fundamental spirit of the original Hippocratic Oath; The current Code of Ethics for the Canadian Medical Association is as firm on [...]

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