Join a Walkthrough of the Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT), Best Practices and its place within Microsoft’s One Version service updates.


Ongoing development, education and growth is a professional requirement for all Microsoft Dynamics’ project managers, testers and developers. This December, Sierra Systems’ 11-year Dynamics specialist Layale Khalifeh helped Dynamics users better understand regression testing using the Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 FO).

Her webinar (login required) is recommended for any Dynamics professional looking to improve their knowledge on the regression testing options available for the regular One Version Updates as well as any enhancements to their existing D365 FO environment. Layale’s webinar defines options for regression testing approaches, RSAT tool requirements, and what conversations to have with the client prior to launching regression testing.

Across this 35-minute webinar, Layale discusses:

  • Best Practices within Regression Testing: By weighing the risks and benefits, Layale gives insight into the multiple approaches to regression testing a client can take and illustrates how the risk management drives the suggested best practices – all while considering variances for smaller projects and other outliers.
  • The Regression Suite Automation Tool: Steps to transform business tasks into automated test reports, plus additional best practices for managing Business Process Modeler (BMP) libraries and integration to Azure.
  • Defining Your First Test / Example Testing Scenarios: In her descriptive walk-through of a testing scenario, Layale notes the high-level tools, roles and tasks within RSAT. Displayed screen-by-screen, she peppers this demo with her professional suggestions to improve your outcomes.
  • Data: Proper handling of data, touching on technical processes for security and document control, as well as multiple tips and tricks to help guide real-life testing.

Beyond the tool itself, Layale’s understanding of the testing role within Business Cycle Tests, the minimum technical/environmental requirements, and detailed test scenarios give Dynamics professionals the insight to execute proper regression testing.

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