Proper facilities management requires management of data just as much as the tangible capital investment materials. Whether dealing with buildings, vehicles or equipment, knowing when and where to allocate resources can have a drastic effect. Facility managers who can access data on each item’s maintenance history and the current tasks at hand can make triage decisions – using insight and quantitative data to decide what gets fixed today and what can wait. Having this data not only mitigates risk but can lengthen capital investment’s lifespan.

At Sierra Systems, an NTT DATA Company, the success we’ve seen clients have with Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Field Service is illustrated by our Dynamics Expert Jevon Hills’ short webinar. Jevon tackles the ongoing effort of facility management optimization, listing common roles, and describing how Dynamics’ Universal Resource Scheduling sequences a multitude of 80+ tasks, complete with booking systems, metadata, and analytics to let managers achieve higher levels of performance.

Watch this webinar on D365 Feild Services and learn how Sierra Systems helps property management clients easily reach this next level of digital transformation.