Welcome to Canada’s Digital Health Week 2019 with Michelle O’Keefe

As Sierra Systems’ Health Industry Lead, I’m proud of our rich history in helping to create the digital health landscape in Canada. When people ask me, “What has Sierra Systems done in Healthcare?”, it could be easier to respond with a shortlist of what we haven’t done. To celebrate Digital Health Week, we will be sharing some of our stories with you and sharing our vision for the future of digital health solutions in Canada.

Our consultants have created and integrated digital health solutions in jurisdictions spanning all three of Canada’s coasts, and nearly everywhere in between. Our team has worked across the spectrum of digital health services, including:

  • Health Policy and Planning including ICT Roadmaps
  • Health Claims Management
  • Public Health Surveillance
  • Primary and Community-Based Care Electronic Medical Records
  • Acute Care – Clinical Information Systems, Infection Control Systems, etc.
  • Emergency
  • Long Term Care
  • Maternal and Baby Care
  • Cancer Care
  • Space Medicine
  • Lab Information Systems
  • Drug Information Systems
  • Client Registries
  • Provider Registries
  • And many, many more

We work alongside our clients, often integrated within client and solution vendor teams, to help turn our clients’ vision into reality. Don’t let our long history fool you – we are also forward-thinking and innovative, helping our customers develop new solutions leveraging emerging technologies, and bringing lessons from other industries into the healthcare space.

What makes us different is our employee-based model, with many of us having worked in health for Sierra Systems for decades. We know the business of healthcare and are trusted as advisors. We’re also known for rolling up our sleeves and getting things done right the first time.

Watch our blogs throughout Digital Health Week to learn more about some of the exciting initiatives we have been a part of.