Rationale to move to cloud and important considerations that will impact the path you choose

Cloud is pervasive in our day to day life which is influencing the workplace. It is likely that your organization already has a cloud strategy, so what does that mean for HR and Finance? Sierra Systems’ Susie McLeod and Ambar Singhai talk about options for HR and Finance to move to cloud, and then highlight different factors that can influence decisions about the path that is right for you. Your move to cloud should be deliberate and thoughtful, with an end result of a future state that aligns with your business priorities.

This is the first episode of a three-part series looking at your journey to cloud from beginning to end. Following this first episode that discusses the upfront rationale and options to move to cloud, will be the second episode that provides insights into SaaS implementation strategies and how they are different from traditional ERP projects. The third episode discusses cloud sustainment or Day 2 operations which is once you are live and using a SaaS solution. The target audience for this series is current Oracle on-premise customers, however, the information shared is foundational and can be useful to any HR or Finance organization that is considering a move to cloud.

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