The Task recorder has been a feature in Dynamics for years, but it has been revamped from the ground up in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

What is Task Recorder?
Quite simply, Task recorder is a tool that allows users to create, maintain and publish recordings of business processes within D365 F&O. Integration with Microsoft’s Lifecycle Services (LCS) Business process modeler (BPM) tool can convert these recordings into business process diagrams for analysis.


  • Faithful recording of user actions
  • Produce business process diagrams
  • Integration to BPM library on LCS
  • Integration into D365 F&O Help
  • Adding gestures to recordings (e.g. Copy/Paste)
  • Automate regression testing

Business Value of Task Recorder
Task recorder offers incredible value to organizations.

  1. Desk manuals. No more searching through a printed manual or looking through a digital repository for the right process. When you click the “?” icon in D365, appropriate Task guides from your BPM library are displayed. You are then taken through the process step-by-step.
  2. Simple process documentation. Using Task recorder, your organization can create your process documentation efficiently. Recorded processes export the steps Word, or into LCS BPM as process diagrams. These can be used to help users complete their tasks or analyze processes for future improvements/changes.
  3. Automated testing. With the introduction of D365 F&O One Version, organizations only have a limited period of time to test and accept the monthly updates published by Microsoft. Task recordings saved to the LCS BPM can be synced to your organization’s Azure DevOps project to form the basis of automated tests of your application when new code is applied using the Regression Suite Automation Testing (RSAT) tool.
  4. Continuous improvement. Over time, your business processes will change, either to take advantage of new functionality or adjust to new reporting requirements and applicable regulations. Existing recordings can be easily updated; Old processes can be discarded, and new processes can be recorded. Taking the time to update your recordings keeps your application current by confirming staff always have the right processes at hand .

The Task recorder is a powerful tool that significantly simplifies process documentation, to assist all levels of the organization. Task guides support data entry users by showing processes in real time. The process diagrams provide business analysts and managers the information to keep the processes efficient and compliant. Automation of testing means you can stay current with Microsoft’s monthly updates without needing to pull business users into regression testing.

The strongest feature of Task recorder is that it’s constantly being updated – we can expect more functionality to come.