Join Sierra Systems and IDC for a complimentary webinar that will help your law enforcement agency understand how Digital Evidence Management solutions can help alleviate the digital demands placed on Canada’s Justice & Public Safety sector.

Public safety agencies worldwide are undergoing substantial technological and workflow changes related to digital transformation. The volume, size, and complexity of digital evidence is growing while the timelines for investigation and disclosure are shrinking.

This webinar will provide attendees with overview of the key trends in public safety that are leading to widespread adoption of digital evidence management solutions globally, and in Canada. Specifically, the webinar will address market drivers, key solution providers and pivotal technology enablers that are key to successful, seamless implementation. Join Alison Brooks, PhD in an exploration of these critical public safety challenges and solutions.

Featured Presenter

Paul Twigg VP, Technology Sierra Systems

Alison Brooks, PhD
Director, Smart Cities & Communities – Public Safety
IDC Government Insights