With the focus the technology industry has had on innovation recently, a common recurring business theme is now simmering to the top that innovation must have value. The sheer capability and elasticity of large cloud compute has enabled many technologies, such as machine learning, to rise to the forefront of enablement within an organization’s IT, but at what cost?

When you are focusing on innovation, consider the 5 C’s of Innovation that determine value:

  1. Compute: How much compute power will it take to achieve the desired results?
  2. Capacity: How much data storage is required? And how will the data be transferred to the storage?
  3. Creativity: Is there an existing solution or platform that can be leveraged?
  4. Connectivity: What are the networking requirements to leverage results when required?
  5. Cost: What is the cost of creating and maintaining the innovation?

At Sierra Systems, we ask these questions of our new ideas and our clients’ forward-looking projects. If our innovation can satisfy these five conditions, we know our innovative technologies will have a lasting impact on the organizations that use it.