Information to Help You Achieve Successful Cloud Adoption

Strengthen your business understanding of the different cloud solutions available, along with the associated benefits and issues, considerations, concerns, and opportunities of each. From a brief introduction on what cloud solutions are all about, Sierra’s cloud experts explain the different types of cloud offerings, such as IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, as well as the major players, before tackling common cloud topics:

  • privacy and security considerations in the cloud
  • implementing cloud solutions
  • managing cloud solutions via an ITIL framework
  • reviews of emerging cloud technologies
  • business transformation and cloud adoption

Episode 1: Cloud Ecosystems

Gain a basic understanding of cloud ecosystems, business drivers for moving to the cloud, migration patterns, business risks, and factors to consider when making cloud decisions are presented and discussed.

Episode 2: Cloud Privacy

An introduction to federal and provincial privacy legislation. Review the consequences of a potential privacy breach, what the privacy impact to clients may be, and gain a general understanding of cloud privacy and its considerations.

Episode 3: Securing Your Cloud Infrastructure

A review of the cloud risks that are universal to almost every cloud service. Walk through an approach to develop a baseline of security controls regardless of cloud service and the unique risk and control considerations that apply to the cloud.

Episode 4: Implementing Cloud Solutions

Discover cloud ecosystems through a discussion on IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS options. The discussion covers cloud performance and the technical considerations of implementing a cloud solution. Lastly, cloud migration paths to help you understand which path may be best-suited to your organization.

Episode 5: Managing Cloud Solutions

All about cloud management following the main processes included in ITIL service management. We present these with a focus on the differences between the cloud and legacy data centers, as well as how the various cloud vendors address these ITIL processes.

Episode 6: Driving Business Transformation

Listen to our approach for embracing cloud, tools and Sierra’s framework that will help your organization adopt and adapt to delivered business processes, as well as gain a better understanding of successfully living with the cloud.

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About the Author: Cherise O’Kennedy

Cherise is a Consulting Director in the Oracle Cloud Consulting Practice. She is an accomplished enterprise software leader specializing in Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning implementations and solutions across many industries. Her expertise includes being part of the Oracle Cloud development team that helped initially conceive, design, and develop new features within Oracle ERP Cloud for Higher Education and the Public Sector.

About the Author: Rick Schneider

Rick, Technology and Industry Solutions Director, joined Sierra shortly after the K-Pg extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs. Since, he’s continued as a Solution Architect with a current focus on integration, API’s and the cloud.