Understand how the Office 365 collaboration tools work together

Moving from an on-premises version of SharePoint to Office 365 isn’t as easy as just moving the content. You must consider current SharePoint customizations, application modernization, new functionality in SharePoint and Office 365 as well as new patterns and practices for managing how SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive all work together.

Third party tools will assist a migration, but never provide a silver bullet to make your new Office 365 environment just work the way you need it. Whether you are in Office 365 already or just thinking about it, this webinar will give you the information necessary to be successful with your new collaboration tools.

About this webinar

  • Learn about the pitfalls to watch out for when migrating to collaboration in Office 365
  • Understand how all the new Office 365 collaboration tools work together
  • See the steps to planning your Office 365 collaboration migration.
  • The important factors to consider when migrating collaboration environments to Office 365.
  • How Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint and OneDrive can work together to enable a fast and effective collaboration system.
  • Considerations for SharePoint Application modernization