Are your stakeholder interactions important enough for you to notice?

Sierra has a history of delivering projects and services at the regional, jurisdictional and federal level. As your problem-space increases, you may experience a challenge to identify how big your problem-space is and how it affects the people you support. As a system owner or business leader, we can support you to never lose sight of the pain points through improvements in service management, connecting you back to the people who matter.

You’re following the Project Management methodology, but what about the others?

On any project there are several methodologies simultaneously in play, depending on the scope and type of the project. We are very good at always following a project management methodology to guide the project, most times we have a change and transition management methodology to align the solution to the business practices, but why do we most often neglect the solutions delivery methodology which guides the creation and implementation of the solution.

Featured Presenters:

Piers Hollott
Principal Technologist

Paul Twigg
VP Technology

Allison Bernardin
Principal Business Analyst

Steve Matthews
SVP Risk Management