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It’s the spring of 2023 and my long-awaited trip to southeast Asia is finally here. This is going to be awesome. And what a deal I got by going direct! So long monolithic keepers of my data, this decentralized world is for me.

I’m in the customs line at Singapore’s Changi Airport. It’s moving quickly thanks to the Known Traveler Digital Identity system that Canada and others have adopted. I get to the front of the line and the facial recognition system instantly gives me the green light to move on. With my travel history and personal data up on the blockchain, verification happens in the blink of an eye and global mobility is now silky smooth. No stern stone-faced customs agent interviews for me!

I move on to collect my luggage and of course, it arrives safe-and-sound thanks to the adoption of RFID luggage tags at all the major airports. IOT is where it’s at, baby.

Grabbing my luggage, I head out to the lineup of autonomous cars at the Changi Airport. I scan my public key on the front car’s scanner and hop in. My autonomous car contract with Grab lets me go anywhere in Singapore, but of course, Google has already told my car that I’m booked in at the HarbourFront, so I just confirm the destination. It’s been a long flight and I’m beat. Once I’ve reached my destination I scan my public key again, the car’s IOT sensors make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, and the car moves on to Grab’s lot next door. My smart contract sends .001 Ether to Grab. I can pay in Bitcoin, Ether, Neo, OMG tokens – whatever I like really. Since Grab is on the OmiseGo Blockchain the system will take care of the conversion to Grab’s preferred method of payment. I can even use Canadian dollars if I’m OK with incurring the bank fees back home. Why am I still hanging on to that old account anyway?

For my first stop, I booked a nice 1-bedroom suite overlooking the Harbor via LockChain. Since LockChain allows me to go direct I didn’t have to incur any middleman charges and my smart contract automatically completes the proper transfer of funds once I scan my public key to unlock the door. I grab a juice from the minibar and sit down to watch some videos on the smart TV. My hotel is hooked up to IOTA’s Tangle Network and once I break the RFID seal on my juice container it sets off a series of mini-transactions between the mini bar (inventory update), me (debit transaction), the hotel (housekeeping), and the hotel’s beverage provider (re-order quantity). Blissfully oblivious to all this protocol I decide a beer is what I really wanted, open the minibar and set off another set of mini-transactions.

On my smart TV, I get on the TRON network. TRON’s content distribution system lets me pick and choose whatever content I want – videos, music, movies, games, etc. I watch a couple of TED videos, order some room service and decide to catch the latest Bond flick. Time for a new Bond I think to myself. Contrary to my wife’s opinion this guy is past his prime. Thanks to the decentralized world of TRON, and the immutable content ownership records on the blockchain, I set off another series of mini-transactions which ultimately pay the artists and video recording companies directly for my viewership. Centralized content ownership and aggregation is quickly becoming a thing of the past. “Cool stuff”, I think to myself and slowly drift off.

The next day I’m up and at ‘em early. I head out for a run along the HarbourFront and about halfway through my run something bites me on my ankle. Ouch! I look down but there’s nothing there except a red spot, so I rub it a bit and finish my run, as I’ve got a full day of sightseeing booked. By the end of the day though, whatever bit me has caused significant swelling of my ankle so I head to a local clinic to get it checked out. At the clinic I provide my public key to the friendly staff at the front desk, giving access to my Electronic Health Record on the MedicalChain blockchain network. This provides the clinic with a full history of my health-related events and the healthcare that has been provided. With this new system, my health records go wherever I go improving both the quality of medical service provided and the speed of receiving that service. It turns out I’ll live to run another day (Could that be the title of another Bond flick?) and it’s just an allergic reaction to a bug bite. I receive some topical ointment and my smart contract with my healthcare insurance provider results in an immediate payment to the clinic. Gotta love this high-tech world.

I head back to my hotel room and start packing up for the second stop on my vacation. Bali here I come. What other blockchain events will I unknowingly initiate?