SharePoint Intranets to deliver Employee Content and Collaboration Portals

Microsoft SharePoint is a strategic investment for many organizations in the digital workplace. For most, the primary goal of that investment is effective collaboration and document management, yet companies are still expected to meet the unique needs of each user, including clients, staff, and the public.

Sierra Systems SharePoint Intranet Solution Accelerator (SISA) is built leveraging years of collective experience to accelerate implementation and adoption of your mobile and cloud-ready employee collaboration and content portals.

SISA rapidly organizes intranet content while providing each department with the same ready-to-use templates, web parts with customizable corporate styles, and modern web tools. SISA’s Microsoft platform allows cross-device availability, connecting portal updates to Office 365, and third-party applications.

SISA includes a baseline implementation with pre-built features such as corporate news and events, people directory, feature content, image slider, departmental, business unit, location and collaboration templates, job postings, classifieds, and site directory. It also includes a responsive design framework with responsive navigation menus, page and display templates that adapt to different device sizes. SISA can be deployed to on-premises SharePoint 2013/2016 environments or cloud based Office 365 tenants.

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Dynamics 365 Secure Customer, Citizen and Partner Self-service Portals

Dynamics 365 provides a powerful portal framework to configure online portals accessible by external users of your organization. Out-of-the-box case management and help desk applications can be configured in the Customer portal to provide customer self-service, or citizen services in the case of government organizations. In addition, modules for topic-based forums and knowledgebases are great tools to increase customer and citizen engagement.

For Partner self-service scenarios, the portal comes with configurable apps for Opportunity registration and distribution, and delegated customer management for your partners and vendors.

The Dynamics 365 portal framework comes with self-registration and profile management for your external users, including the ability to securely sign in using existing accounts from the most common identity providers such as Azure Active Directory, Google, and Facebook instead of creating local user accounts in Dynamics 365.

We customize these external portals to each organization’s brand using design templates that use Bootstrap for responsive design, web page layouts, and web content management capabilities of Dynamics 365. This ensures we consistently deliver a mobile-friendly modern website experience for your customers, citizens, and partners.

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Extend and Integrate using cloud-compatible custom development

When platform portals such as SharePoint and Dynamics 365 need to integrate with multiple disparate systems, or require a highly custom user experience, standards-based custom development helps you take the next step and fill gaps in portal platforms.

There are three main scenarios where we use bespoke custom development:

  1. When a highly customized user experience and flow is required, especially when portals are focused on providing services involving multiple internal users and external users – customers, partners, etc. We use web and front-end frameworks like Angular, React, and Bootstrap to deliver mobile and cloud-ready custom portal experiences. These frameworks allow us to implement sophisticated business logic to control the flow and just-in-time presentation of services and options for the user that platform portals don’t provide out-of-the-box.
  2. When the portal needs to integrate with a variety of enterprise applications, such as the CRM, ERP, or other in-house custom business applications, or 3rd party services such as payment processing providers, or learning management systems. Our teams build REST Web API service layers that retrieve data via authenticated API calls to the various enterprise applications and 3rd party services and integrate well with modern front-end web frameworks like Angular and React.
  3. When the portal needs to integrate with proprietary identity providers for authentication, especially for government portals for citizens.

Our solutions can be hosted and managed on-premises by your organization for more control or for regulatory requirements. However, we are increasingly using Cloud PaaS solutions, such as Azure App Service for both portal front-end web components and REST Web API services to simplify management, authentication and scalability at reduced costs.

Do you have a portal solution that isn’t currently working for you today? We can tackle all portal problems, implementations, and support issues.

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