Dynamics 365 Tech Conference, March 12-15: The event to access deep developer-based education exclusive to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. Learn from and get inspired at the Dynamics 365 Tech Conference while interacting directly with Microsoft engineering, the people that build Dynamics 365 for Operations.

The highlight of today was the session “Migrating Overlayered Code to Extensions” presented by Joris de Gruyter, Robert Badawy and David Froslie. This deep dive session reviewed the extensibility framework in Dynamics 365 for Operations and discussed patterns for moving over layered code to extensions. The switch from over layering to extension is a paradigm shift in terms of development for Microsoft Dynamics.

My takeaway from this session is that currently we have two options of how to deliver customized functionality to a customer, an extension being the preferred method, but over layering is still available. Well, in two years from now that will not be the case – Microsoft is planning to phase out the over layering completely and first “soft-seal” (over layered code would produce the warning but would still compile) and later “hard-seal” the application (“hard seal” – over layered code would not compile). With the current state of affairs the extensibility team recognizes that at the moment the migration path does not cover a number of scenarios and it’s a work in progress. At the same time – they are not making any promises that any solution could be migrated onto the extension model, some solutions will have to be redesigned, and some solutions might not even be viable in the new paradigm that is Dynamics 365.

I also attended two more sessions on the Common Data Service (CDS), namely “What is the Common Data Service (CDS)?” and “Managing the Common Data Service (CDS)” presented by Clay Wesener, Matthew Maertens and, Lance Delano.

The interesting bit about the first session of these two is that it was a repeat session. The original session was scheduled for a large auditorium – but it could not accommodate all the people interested. People were sitting, standing, peeking through the open door. So the conference organizers put together a repeat session. Which also could not accommodate everyone! Apparently, the CDS is a new rising star in Microsoft universe.