Twenty five years ago I successfully graduated from the Industrial Electronics Program at Red River College (RRC) with Honours. Recently I was asked by the College if I would like to participate in the VIP Grad program highlighting graduates who have gone on to realize success in their chosen fields through a billboard campaign here in Winnipeg (you can see me on the billboard at 1640 West St. Mary Avenue, around April 3rd!).

Prior to attending this program I spent 4 years in the Canadian Air Force and needed to transition my military background in Instrumentation and Electronic aircraft systems to a relevant civilian career. The College and its instructors were critical at that point in my career to reinforce the number of technological career options I had going forward with the foundation that was now in place. I was on my way! Change felt good!

When I graduated in 1991 the RRC campus was the Notre Dame location, today the RRC has a further eight campuses including the Exchange District campus on Princess Avenue which hosts some of the top technology programs in the country. Much like my career, the college itself has learnt what the business community wants and needs, it continues to grow and change to meet those shifting needs.

This is very similar to the great team I have worked with here at Sierra Systems over the last 11 years. I have witnessed the same application of learning, growing, and changing within our organization. This is critical to meet our client’s ever growing needs as technology changes and business problems become more complex in an ever changing world. Our teams across the country continue to deliver success to our customers as a result of this and their own abilities to grow and change to meet that customer need.

Thank you to both Red River College and Sierra Systems for the opportunity to represent you in this campaign. Thank you as well to the many people along my career path that have offered a guiding hand and gentle nudge when required. Learning does not only happen in the classroom.

A proud RRC Alumnus