Business Insight in Minutes with Oracle Stream Analytics

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From Data Flood to Business Insight in Minutes

Oracle Stream Analytics (OSA) is the only stream analytics tool available on premises, at the edge and in the cloud for business users to answer enterprise level questions about Fast Data.

OSA is a powerful and instant insight business tool that makes Stream Analysis as easy as working in Excel. With more than 20 statistical, general industry, machine learning and spatial patterns, business users can instantly turn the streaming data flood into meaningful information to support timely decision making.

Why join this webinar

  • Learn about where OSA can fit in your advanced analytics information technology plan.
  • Discover the power of instant business insights from your data while maintaining data privacy and security.

What you will learn

  • Quick introduction to the Oracle Stream Analytics visual interface.
  • Implement an Internet of Things (IoT) device monitoring scenario by using filters, groupings, summaries and ranges.
  • Evolve the data stream into an equipment monitoring solution.
  • Use out of the box patterns to analyze the data stream.
  • Create your own business rules and statistical and mathematical expressions.
  • Explore scenarios for using and deploying Oracle Stream Analytics and Oracle Edge Analytics.

Thursday, January 19, 2017
11 am – 12 pm (PST)

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