Sierra Systems operates in five industry segments – government, justice and public safety, health, energy, and commercial. In these industries, we demonstrate a significant competitive advantage over other consulting firms, which comes from our deep functional knowledge of each client’s area of business. Years of experience in these industry segments provides us the ability to recognize developing issues and trends, and give guidance in time for our clients to act.

Canadian Government

Combining advanced technologies with clear thinking, we develop solutions that support Canadian public sector efforts to maintain traditional services, innovate new services, and manage vast, fast-growing information assets. Learn about Canadian government solutions.

Justice and Public Safety

Bringing together new technology and the full spectrum of the justice systems in Canada including corrections departments, courts, law enforcement agencies, and legal counsel. Learn about our justice and public safety practice.


We have over 25 years of extensive experience and a full range of capabilities, across the continuum of care including federal, provincial and local health organizations, health regulators, as well as private sector organizations. Discover our health solutions.

Energy and Utilities

Sierra Systems has extensive experience in both the electrical power generation and oil and gas industries. From oil and gas harvesting to nuclear, coal and hydro-electric generation we support today’s complex systems. Learn about our energy and utility industry services.


We solve complex business problems by providing technical know-how and industry specific knowledge in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, transportation, financial services, telecommunication, technology, retail, and natural resource industries.Learn about our commercial service deliveries.