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Getting Governance Right In Complex Enterprises

Getting Governance Right

Information Management / Information Technology is a transformative business tool. Without a governance model to implement, an organization is left with ambiguity and inefficient management of IM/IT investments. Download The Critical Success Factor Framework.

White Paper – Getting IM-IT Governance Right in Complex Enterprises

Information Management / Information Technology (IM/IT) is increasingly cited as a critical and transformative business tool and strategic differentiator by organization leaders. In progressive organizations, the IM/IT assets have become as important as other critical enabling assets – such as people and financing. For its critical human and financial assets, management teams know that organizational success depends on the adoption of tight enterprise-wide governance controls at the leadership level.

IM/IT governance often becomes the captive of technology managers and, in turn, is sidelined by executive teams not conversant with IM/IT terminology. This often leads to a lack of consistency across the organization and no common understanding or appropriate allocation of IM/IT accountabilities and priorities.

Given this reality, many organizations struggle with determining the most effective cross-enterprise IM/IT governance model to implement. Without such a framework, enterprise IM/IT cannot be brought within an environment of control across the organization – leaving roles and authorities ambiguous, management ineffectual and most seriously, depriving the organization of a cohesive and coherent view of all IM/IT investments and associated priorities.

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